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Who has the longest PiAware streak contest?

My 1st one installed on the 26th of December 2014 also. How ever my current streak was short as my streak was lost due to 2 reasons. 1st one was in 2015 I moved it and when I connected back up it gave me a new MAC ID due to it adding my login name to the MAC. Then last year I lost it when I was on the road somehow my power brick fell out of my power strip (which is vertical) so I lost 4 days,. Had we feeder IDs way back in 2015, Id have longer streak.

But I don’t do this for streaks.


Forgot to take a snapshot yesterday :wink:


Woo hoo!!! Do I win any prizes???

(just set up my shiny new 978 FlightFeeder!)


Joined: May 9, 2017
Longest Streak: 1475 days (5/9/2017 - Now)
Nearest Airport: Lakeland Linder Intl (Lakeland, FL) ([KLAL] Home of Sun 'N Fun)
Feeder Type: PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 5.0

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Another advantage of having both 1090 and 978 systems — a lightning strike shut down my 1090 system for a couple of days but my 978 remained operational and so my feeder continuity is intact.

Not really long, but i like the number :slight_smile:

Wonder what will last longer
My Flightaware recording or the days with > 10.000 steps. There i have currently 353 days :slight_smile:


1557 days, almost 1000km from home and my Pi stopped sending data during a local thunderstorm (I can see the flashes on my CCTV recorded images) My router is reporting no data on the Pi’s LAN port.
How many days do I have before FA resets my account?

If it’s offline for one full day, you lose your streak.

Well, sobeit, I’m not going to interrupt my vacation just for a Raspberry Pi power cycle!
Next time I’ll use the watchdog function to force an automatic reboot as shown below:
Running forever with the Raspberry Pi Hardware Watchdog (diode.io)

For this i am using a power connector which is connected to my router via DECT.
I can power cycle this device remotely from everywhere in the world.

There are also several other solutions available as local scripts, e.g. Monit in case individual services are not running any longer.

Today the anniversary. Exactly 1000 days


1493 days