White Southwest Planes


A few days ago, Tuesday I believe, I saw a white Southwest plane parked at the terminal at SNA. I looked it up and their website says they bought them from the Ford Motor Company. I thought it was different, but better than their tan color scheme. Here are some links




fdxmsg (and others): You can enter the link directly:
blogsouthwest.com/2006/12/06 … %E2%80%A6/
airliners.net/search/photo.s … entry=true

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[Southwest Blog on new aircraft](http://www.blogsouthwest.com/2006/12/06/different-yet-the-same%E2%80%A6/)

[Airliners.net photos of the new Southwest aircraft](http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?regsearch=N271LV&distinct_entry=true)

The opening code is [  at the end of the URL and finally the description followed by ]( followed by the URL and a )

The above yield:

Southwest Blog on new aircraft
Airliners.net photos of the new Southwest aircraft


i dont like the color schemes…it looks too much like US Airways or a little like Alaska Airlines…I like the red and orange and blue color schemes


I love the Southwest Tan paint schemes then the Blue paint schemes followed by Shamu then the states not the White paint it looks to cheap.


Regardless of the color, it is still the color of making a profit. I imagine they will be repainted eventually. It’s more important to get them flying and making money rather than sitting in the paint shop getting painted.


My understanding is when this plane gets its winglet
it will be repainted at about the same time.


This is much ado about nothing. The paint job is simply temorary, until SWA gets her to Maaco for a paint job. (and perhaps winglets I suppose)
Like Dave said, it’s better to be flying pax around while waiting for a paint job than to sit on a ramp somwhere yielding nothing.


Ha! I’m just picturing rolling in a 737 to Maaco for the $299 special.


I think they do their paint at Goodrich/TRAMCO @ PAE.