White 707


Last week here in Duluth (DLH) there was a white 707 working the pattern. It didn’t have a boom on the back, so I don’t think it was a KC-135. We have the 148th fighter wing here, so I’m guessing its military. Anybody have any ideas on what it could have been? Thank you.


There are all kinds of -135s other than the tankers, many of which are white. There are EC-135 and RC-135 out of Omaha, so maybe that is where it was from.


I’d bet money it was a US Navy E-6B Mercury. Both squadrons are based in Oklahoma.



If not a Mercury, then an “Open Skies” -135 variant. They are the only ones based at Offutt that are all white. Other -135’s are white/grey two-tone.