Which Starship in Miami Vice Movie?


I was watching the Miami Vice movie (yeah, yeah save it) and I noticed they were using as many less than conventional aircraft designs as possible. Early in the film they used some sort of pusher/puller plane and later they feature a Beech Starship (it was a biz jet in the air and miraculously changed after landing while taxiing).

Anybody know which one?


Early in the movie it was a Lear 60 JF was piloting down to South America. The pull/push airplane carrying the “product” was an Adam 500. (Nice air to air sequence when the A500 tucked up under a King Air) And the airplane they showed Gong Li’s character Isabella disembarking from was a Piaggio P180. I don’t recall seeing a Starship anywhere in the film…http://www.websmileys.com/sm/sad/533.gif


Thank you. Ah, I confused the Piaggio with a Starship. I didn’t see the tail, but I just assumed Beech…

I did notice that the bad guys’ copter and the police copter had sequential N numbers with the same letter suffix, so those were clearly the studio’s birds.


They couldn’t get the “misappropriated” and abandoned Starship in Mexico (s/n NC-35, N8149X) ready in time for the movie…so they went to a Piaggio…LOL


Chris, don’t tell me someone is actually attempting to resurrect that corpse!

Is there any reasonable expectation it will ever fly again? Can’t see how.


It is mired in a legal morass! There is an American who is claiming ownership, there is a Mexican company who is claiming ownership due to their purchase of the aircraft at a Mexican government auction last year, and then there is XL Specialty insurance who the FAA lists as the rightful owner. The bottom line is that it is a mess, and it will take some “creativity” to sort that mess out.

I think that the only reason to recover that Starship would be for salvage for another airframe. And, no, there is no reasonable expectation that she will ever fly again.


We can always hope that some individual blessed with more dollars than sense will wrest it from the grasp of the Mexican government and restore it to its former glory.

Anybody got Travolta’s cell phone number? Anyone who believes in Scientology should have no difficulty believing in that fairy tale ending.


Now that’s funny – good one