Which one is better the 737-800 or the 737-900er?

I was just wondering which one of these aircraft is better the 737-900er or the 737-800

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Let’s just say the -800.


Depends on what you want it for. What are you in the market for? What do I have to do to put you in a Boeing today? What sort of payments are you looking to make? Do you have a trade-in? Can I tell you about multi-level marketing? Have you been saved?

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Doesn’t compute…

General Aviation *can *be ambiguous. While most folks here would think of general aviation as non-military, non-commercial aviation, some could think of it has being aviation in general (i.e. no special category).

Perhaps a new forum could be created entitled “Aviation in General.” This forum would have topics that deal with aviation but are not specifically related to any of the current aviation forums (Aviation News; General Aviation; Charter, Fractional, and Private; and Airlines).

As examples, the following could be discussed in the “Aviation in General:”

Technical questions on flight (computing air speed, weight and balance, etc.)
Upcoming airshows
Military aviation
Aviation history


:laughing: :laughing: When I think I’ve seen the funniest emoticon or other little webthings, JHEM always outwits himself. It’s especially funny when it’s in a smart !@# context such as this. That has made me laugh for 5 minutes straight!


“Agreed, Data… Highly illogical.”


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A classic, and the only thing wrong with it is you find yourself trying to name everyone as they flash past; V, Mandy, Ironman, JW, Batman, Picard, Quincy, Homer, Mr. T, Hank, Carl, etc., etc.

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Not in this case…

Pilots of GA aircraft is under General Aviation in the title.


I saw that and know what you mean. If someone is just quickly scanning the forum titles, it would be easy to miss.

In any case, it would be nice to have a another forum added. How about it, FlightAware staff? Can we get a forum named “Aviation in General” with the purpose being the discussion of aviation in general rather than a specific branch such as general aviation or airlines?


I don’t know…If I had my own 737 just to use for those short hops to the beer store (in Belgium), that’d be GA, right?