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Which airport.

Can anyone tell me, if i want to go Schenzhen city which airport will be best for me? who to go to Schenzhen city from airport?

Never been anywhere close, but where are you traveling from? If you look at the map flightaware.com/live/airport/ZGSZ it’s not that far from VHHH Hong Kong, that would be my choice if coming from another country, ZGSZ looks like mostly local flights? Both airports appear to be the same distance from Schenzhen city

The Shenzhen airport is mostly domestic flights within China from various Low Cost Carriers. If you’re coming from overseas it’s easier to fly into Hong Kong and then take a ferry to Shenzhen.

There are direct ferries from the Hong Kong airport to two different piers in Shenzhen - hongkongairport.com/eng/tran … lance.html

However, if you do want to fly directly to Shenzhen, you can connect in Seoul on Asiana or Korean or Beijing or Shanghai on Air China or China Southern.

A lot of Chinese mainland residents visiting Hong Kong fly to Shenzhen and then take a ferry to Hong Kong since the flight to Shenzhen is usually much cheaper.