Where is the "Send Command to Device" button

Maybe I’m blind, but I cannot find the “Send command to device” button anywhere on the redesigned stats page?

Found it in the Configuration menu in the Site bar.

No, the Control Panel I see after clicking the “gear” icon in Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari (on a Mac and iPad) does not have the Device Commands section. I find it difficult to believe that all of those browsers/platforms have a problem with the new page.

This looks like a bug where the test for manual vs auto updates is backwards.

I have all my Rx set to

allow-auto-updates no
allow-manual-updates yes

and there is no way now to send an update request, or ANY kind of command. There is no such field in the “CONFIGURE” box.

Also, all the ISO8601-formatted dates are wrong, they are all missing the padding zero. It says 2017-5-3 instead of 2017-05-03.

But in total, it looks very nice.


Yes, that’s what I mean by the test is backwards - it disables the send-command field when auto updates are disabled, not when manual updates are disabled. I raised a bug to get it fixed.

OK, the bug is one thing, but why shouldn’t the reboot command for example be available just because manual update is disabled? And hiding the entire command box just adds confusion. It should be clear why a command is not available, hiding the entire command function is exactly the opposite…

Please also make a bug report on the date format.


If you look on the piaware side you will see that disabling manual “updates” disables all remote commands including reboot etc.

I’m not involved in the web development side, can you put your bug report (and any UI/UX feedback) in the thread in the ads-b forum together with details (for example I have no idea which dates you mean)

Mac OS X 10.12.4 64-bit:
Safari 10.1, Opera 45.0.2552.812 - “Send Command to Device” button absent
Feeder Type: FlightFeeder 7.7.0


This is normal; FlightFeeders do not support the commands supported by PiAware.

Before redesign, I could remotely reboot Flightfeeder.

You could click a button that says “Reboot FlightFeeder” but it wouldn’t actually do anything (it would only work for 6.x flightfeeders, the 7.x series uses a different mechanism for sending commands and does not have a “live” connection to send them on)

What’s the problem that you’re having that means you need to reboot your FlightFeeder? They shouldn’t need rebooting and we’d rather if you didn’t.

I can not always turn off the power manually to restore the device.