Where is Skybus?


Couldn’t find the first Skybus flight (228) out of CMH this morning around 9:30am.

Isn’t the call sign SX?

Anyone else find them?



The callsign is Skybus. SKB is the 3 letter code (which is used in FlightAware) and SX is the 2 letter code (used by the airlines for reservations and other purposes).


Well, I know it’s a no-frills low-cost, but “Skyfreighters” seems a bit too close to the truth :laughing:


Skybus 229 is now on its way back from Bob Hope


I am in CMH and am close with some of the employees over there. I honestly think that SKB is going to take off and surprise a ton of people!!


The naysayers are strutting out the whole ‘Greyhound Bus of the Skies’ metaphor, forgetting (conveniently) that all the legacy carriers out there–that would be the ‘once-proud’ legacy carriers–are nothing but Greyhound buses themselves. The gap between what the legacy carriers offer and what Skybus offers (in terms of service on-board) is marginal. Where the legacy carriers do shine, though, is in their vast networks. But even there, these ‘networks’ comprise third-tier regional carriers flying Lawn Darts. The big carriers affiliate themselves with the regional carriers when it’s to their advantage to do so, and they distance themselves from them when it’s to their advantage to do so (the ‘Not-Our-Fault’ syndrome)


I agree. Competition is good. Massive gov’t bail outs bad.