Where is it NOW?


Is there a way of displaying the location of the passenger transport aircraft (tail number) on whatever segment it happens to be on RIGHT NOW - as it makes its way (hopefully) to the airport at which you are hoping to depart from?

Example: A trans-atlantic flight New York to London may have a three hour turn round time, so if departing NY in six hours from now, the aircraft will not yet be in NY - so where is it? Has it even left Mexico on the leg before the one in question?

When customer service say the flight is on time - but you know the aircraft is three hours late - you can expect a delay (with a subsequent delay in arrival at the other end and a possible need to change arrangements).


Ummm… how does the default display of what ever flight number you are looking for information on not yield where it’s at, with the expected FA delay?


Yes, click the “track inbound flight” link until you find a flight that’s in the air or arrived.

If you don’t see that link, we don’t have the information from your airline which is required to provide this feature.


Wow… never, ever noticed that item…