Where is California One? N609SW "The Bear Plane"

:question: Does anyone know if this plane (N609SW) still flys? I can’t find any
flight info in it.


Hi, coolcat and welcome to FlightAware!

check out this FAQ

I can’t belive you haven’t heard of a “Boeing 733” and “Southwest Airlines!” :wink:
Check this out.

oh. I thought N609SW was the Tail#.
and i thought this website could track this plane in flight if i typed in that tail number. :astonished:

It is a tail number, but airlines aren’t tracked by tail number. They are tracked by flight number. The flght plan on file wouldn’t have the tail number on it either, only the call sign and flight number. ie when I flew for Airnet we put USC### in the tail number section and “call sign is Starcheck” in the remarks section. No tail numbers.

ok that makes sense. The flight tracker box gives the impression
that it can “track any flight” just from Flight/(or) Tail #.

Exactly, key word OR.

The latest posted picture of California One is October 16th, 2006 in Las Vegas on jetphotos.net.

Thanks ssomer, nice shot of CA one! :slight_smile: