Where did the activity graphs go?


I see that that activity graphs are gone, is this temporary or permanent? If permanent why?


We have a new project to bring next-generation graphs online. However, the scheduling did not permit us to complete that project before we were forced to deprecate the 2005-era graphing technology. We were sorry to see them go but are hoping to have a new graphing system online in the next few months.


Thanks for the explanation and I look forward to the new and improved graphs!


Any updates for the graphs?




Agreed that was a great tool.

Any updates?


crickets :unamused:




Bueller? Anyone??


Five months now. WTF? :unamused:


New graphs are on hold due to other priorities. We don’t have an ETA for the next gen graphs.


Lame. But thaks for the update anyway. With more and more aircraft blocked from tracking and lack of features I’m hopeful another service can step in and fill the void.


No you nimbrain, FAA cannot release blocked tail nor to FlightAware or anybody else outside law enforcement. Imagine that, a website built on invasion of privacy can’t get their data after all :wink:


… No flaming >>>