Where are you born?

Maybe she checked the PAX roster first LOL!!

Updated:2006-12-08 15:58:55
Woman Gives Birth Mid-Flight
CHICAGO (Dec. 8) - When you’re born on an airplane in mid-flight, where do you say you were born?

A seven-pound, eight-ounce girl was born Wednesday night on a Mexicana Airlines flight from Guadalajara, Mexico, to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. An airport spokeswoman says the baby was born nearly an hour before the plane landed.

Luckily for mom and baby, there was an obstetrician on board.

The 42-year-old mother was traveling with her husband and two other children to visit relatives in Milwaukee.

A hospital spokeswoman says mother and daughter are doing fine.

Bet homeland security had a field day with that. “what do you mean Captain you filed 108 souls on board and land with 109 - come with us we nead to talk DOWNTOWN!!
Be lucky

So now the baby and all of its blood relatives are US citizens? Did they have a passport for the baby? And just to be safe, did they run the baby through the xray machine on the return trip? Do Mexicana aircraft have 20" rims and spinners?

Did anybody else see Boston Legal mock TSA and Homeland Security on Tuesday night?

There’s absolutely no bigotry on these discussion forums, wazzu90.

Now if you are swimming to Florida from Cuba you’re not accepted unless your feet hit the ground (even if it’s underwater near the beach). Does this mean that you’re not a citizen until the plane lands and you de-plane? :question:

It’s my understanding that a person born on an aircraft is a citizen of the aircraft’s country of registration. Don’t have time to do a search on this right now but perhaps someone else can. Otherwise, I’ll check later.

I thought that generally, women in their third trimester should not fly. Anybody else ever heard this?

Yep. I’ve heard it. But it doesn’t apply to foreigners who want their babies to have U.S. citizenship! :wink:

In this case, the baby is still a Mexican national.

I had this very situation happen to me on a flight into the US from Europe. A woman gave birth on the floor of the main cabin while enroute. Because of a question of citizenship, the issue was raised as to exactly where in flight the child was born.

In the end, it made no difference since it was determined that the aircraft and its occupants had not officially been admitted into the US until the aircraft had landed and the occupants cleared US customs.