Where are we going?


Hi all,
I’m wondering now where are we going. Fuel cost higher and higher to airlines and it seems to be the end of the world for them ( Alliances\Ticket with higher cost\Fleet cuts\More taxes\ Route cuts\ Etc. ) Where are we going, this is ONLY the beginning… No airplanes yet, I mean, no COMMERCIAL plane works without kerozen… Where are we going, what are your thought about it?


My personal thought:

Its not permanently as look like…for a while only…, you just dont know how long…its like a fight to death battle, its not like an Arab conspiracy…

Ever thought that Arabs wants to make them rich at all???
They are doing this, mostly without any suspicious from most of people, with the big help of the UNCLE SAM…
Oil fuel as most used will be long…
Emirates, Qatar, Gulf Air, among others…, they are bigger than ever, growing very fast on the last 15 years.
USA-Israel-Saudi Arabia partnership is for more 20 to 30 years, you will be died very old without seeing any big change!
Obama or Hillary will not stop the oil $$$$$ fast!
The other person at DC doesn’t control this at all…Its about the oil companies, they rules Washington making the new guy there like another TOY from them!
We’ll not have another Iraq or like an old Vietnam again soon…

Think…its just funny supports Israel and shake the Saudis hands on the next day…
Bin Laden is only a DISTRACTING “SHOW” to most of the population…as FOOL they are…
CNN is a DC toy…, CBS either…

For the 9/11 WTC, DC needed just a “REASON”, to COMPLETE THE IRAQ “JOB” FROM 1991 from HIS DAD, and say to the Russians…“Hello…don’t forget us”! Afghanistan, is just near to the Russia, Cold war is unfinished yet…!

DC likes doing distractions by CNN to most of the world…!

For me, the US government is not at DC, its at LANGLEY…

Heres an “entertainment” as a good reading:


We need to get the safe feeling, not the safety at all!
The world works like VEGAS, a poker game! Your cent plus my two cents, i pay…to see the next move!


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