Where are they now?!

I found this and had to chuckle:

airliners.net/photo/Flying-C … 1493843/M/

Fly i colors all the way in the sand box now.

Ha that is funny! I think the word ‘crpt’ has been banned on Flightaware.

I think it was actually the “drapes” that got that locked!

I like your new plane.

Hello Air America :laughing:

Charter company from Beirut.

Those old Independence Air planes pop up all over the place!

Cool, this guy started flying a Metro out of Baghdad to Beirut as one of the first scheduled operators to fly there after the war. Glad he’s been successful and been able to move up to a CRJ.

Very interesting, I’d say in this day and age if where ever in the world you can be successful in the airline world go for it!!

What exactly is flying carpet airlines?

Flying Carpet Airlines is a Lebanese airline that specializes in flying to “high risk” locations flying scheduled flights from Iraq and Sudan to Beirut. They are commonly used by reporters and foreign aid workers as their flights are some of the only civilian scheduled passenger flights to these locations.

Ok, Thanks

Wow, seeing those planes brought back a lot of memories. I remember the day flyi went under. They flew those 200’s to the dessert, then about 2 years later we flew them from the dessert to our mx facilities in SDF to rebrand them CoEx birds. The rest of the Blue Ridge planes went to the “famous and well-respected” (insert witty comment here) Mesa’s Go Operations in Hawaii. lol Seems these 200’s have been everywhere! :slight_smile: