When do you think Southwest will shut down boardfirst.com et


Would you bother to use a service that “checks in” for you for a fee?
I read that these service violate Southwest’s third-party agreement
Do you think Southwest would go as far as to have them shut down?


Even if it does violate Southwest’s policy I doubt that they will expend much effort to shut the site down, this website business will most likely fail all on its own due to lack of interest.


Presumably the systems are automated and shutting them down would simply require changing the interface/protocol that they’re using to automatically check in their customers. That could inevitable lead to an “arms race” where the companies attempt to change their software to compensate for changes on the Southwest side as quickly as possible.

It would be a losing battle for Boardfirst & co. because the nature of their business depends on the timeliness of the check-in and after dropping the ball on a few customers, their credibility is bound to be damaged.

I’ll admit that I’ve been on both sides of that kind of game before. :slight_smile:


No way I would pay $0.05, much less $5.00, to get an “A” boarding pass. It’s absurd.

It takes about 3 minues to get the boarding pass. If I really want to be in the “A” group, then I will make sure I’m at my computer 24 hours or a little less than flight time. At $5 for a 3 minute process, you’re talking about $100 an hour.