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Whats your favorite airport?


Very, very sweet. Are you sure it’s on Wipaires? Kinda’ looks like EDOs.


those are whips. I flew EDO’s


Thanks J.


queston: whats EDO?


EDO is a manufacturer of floats.

Earl Dodge Osborn started the company in 1925, started making floats the next year. Interesting company. Started making aluminium subassemblies, became industry leader in SONAR technology, developed the LORAN system. They also make/made transducers, probes (they were on the Apollo spacecraft!), helicopter towed mine detection equipment, golf club heads, carbon composite bicycle spokes, and so much more. Holy crap. Talk about diversified!



thx nyc :smiley:


A type of float manufactured by the EDO Corporation which got its name from the initials of its founder, Earl Dodge Osborn.

“Among its accomplishments was the development and installation of the first aluminum floats in 1926, and the introduction of fluted-bottom floats, which contributed to the improvement of seaplanes. The largest set of floats the company produced went on the Curtiss Condor of Adm. Richard E. Byrd for his second South Pole expedition in 1933.”

EDO developed and held most of the early Patents for amphibious floats.


whats more expensive


Uhhhh, ok. Hookers, drugs, buying an airplane that’s spent the last 30 years in Central America,a divorce. These are all things that are “more expensive”. :wink:


I think wipaire but only cause they’re newer.


got some new videos of pattern work at caldwell I’ll post it up soon


Not sure anymore, but EDOs were the more expensive choice for many years, which is what allowed Wipaire to make inroads in the market.

There’s a Polish outfit making floats nowadays for US LSA and Ultralight applications, can’t remember their name but they’re supposedly well built and reasonably priced.


facebook.com/video/video.php … =741595559

Essex County Airport - Touch -N- Gos


btw how do you become flightaware staff?? do you need to have a job with them or is it certain amount of post?


After 3000 posts, you’re hired!


FlightAware staff is FlightAware staff, i.e. people employed by FlightAware.


found the info i was looking for thx.


operations, fueling, a lil flying when I get a chance, coast guard: aux, plow snow, cut grass


the works :smiley:


You have my dream job. How long have you been there? I was at MMU today and heard a transmission requesting clearance to CDW as soon as he was in the air from mmu. Short flight huh?