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Whats your favorite airport?


The B 17, 24 and P 51 were at KBLM about a month ago and flew up and down the coast for a few days. Are they still at CDW? If so how long?


Not the prettiest airport but it got the easiest access to San Francisco for the NorCal crowd. Shuttle ride to BART (transit) and 30 mins to downtown. Three runways for non-airline use, and a separate friendly GA tower.


For the more romantic coastal airports, Half Moon Bay is pretty but not quite Shelter Cove material.




yes until tmrw @ noon


What happens then?


they left to go somewhere else?


collingsfoundation.org/ has a schedule of where the aircraft are going next. I saw one guy took the half hour ride in the P-51 for $2200 but he was hootin and hollarin when he was climbing out. I guess it was worth it.

BTW thats an Lockheed model 12A not a 10


oops :laughing: :smiling_imp:


Dawg, missed it twice! I’d pay $425 for a ride on a B-17 any day.



Ill let you know next time before hand







Why is the H pad in the taxiway?


uhh… because it’s the helipad?



I guess just no helicopters with only skids?


remote heliport :astonished:


I know, kinda weird… :confused:


helicopters really dont operate out of that spot though


north of runway 10/28 there is an empty compass rose that copters use all the time for training, any kind of dropping passengers off has to be done on the main ramps


My favorite airport is what ever airport she flys out of.

1930 Ellen Church became the first stewardess for an airline. Church served passengers flying between San Francisco, California and Cheyenne, Wyoming on United Airlines. She also served chicken, fruit salad and rolls. The term stewardess has since been banished. The men and women who serve on airlines worldwide are known as flight attendants. Remember, the exits are clearly marked and life support cushions are located beneath the web site. Well begin beverage service in a few moments. Please stay in your seat with your belt securely fastened and your tray table in the upright, locked position.


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Video of Gibraltar Airport LXGB

N888TF Mustang posing in front of ‘The Rock of Gibraltar’ on the tip of the Iberian Peninsula at LXGB.