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Whats your favorite airport?



No problem, I figured that’s what you meant.


BTW there is a hotel at the airport. Once I parked a 152 north of the pool. Make sure you chock it or it will roll towards the runway while you’re swimming.


whats it cost to go there?


Don’t know, never stayed at the hotel. But they have a Web Site under Flying W and I think all the costs are there.


I just bought FS:X for my new PC. If anyone wants to play online let me know. cya



I have FSX and the acceleration pack. You need that booster pack or whatever it is. You get the F-18, EH-101, P-51D, and more missions. I’ve got good at playing it. :slight_smile:


we got to set-up a big multiplayer game


Yep! :smiley:


Many years ago, mid 70’s to early 80’s I worked on Hobby Field in Houston. Had some great times, great friends and seen plenty. So that’s an airport of many wonderful memories. Now I’m back home, KHKY and can be found there most anyday…camera in hand…


Well, this sounds stupid but my dad does not let me play multiplayer, I don’t know why, but that doesn’t matter, he said I can’t play so that settled that. :slight_smile:


2 Reasons: “Because I said so” and/or he’s trying to protect you from bad guys on the Internet. I think you have a great father.


Have your father take a look at the Code of Regulations at VATSIM. I happen to know a lot of the guys on that network personally (in fact, the person who wrote those regs is a lawyer). It still will be up to your father, but reading the rules and regs there may give him some peace of mind. I’ve been on that network since it started in 2001. You would learn a lot from there.



Top airports I have landed at:

BGSF - Greenland
BGBW - Greenland
BIAR - Iceland
PAKD - Alaska
UHPP - Russia. This has to be my favorite airport. Its on the Kamchatsky peninsula. The airport is always covered in snow and ice and surrounded by monster volcanoes. You are met by an armed Russian soldier as you get out of the aircraft. The entire airport facility is covered with old school radar dishes and a bunch of their latest Mig-31 interceptors ready to go. The airport has a ton of the old school soviet transports all over the field. Its interesting to fly in as you are usually out of range of GPS satellites so most of the flying is done with VORs. All of the clearances are in meters as well. Definitely the coolest airport I have flown in to.


I love RYN (Ryan) outside of TUS (Tucson) the BEST food and fly in EVER!!


Thank you damiross. He does not let my older brother play Battlefield 2 multiplayer at all. :astonished:


lol. well im not a bad guy btw bf1943 is the game right now not battfield 2


I know. But he has BF2. And we had BF1942, but not anymore. :slight_smile:


we just had a B-17, B-24, and P-51 fly in on Weds. Collins Foundations gave rides for $425 for half and hour. Great Show

also the Lockheed L-10 Electra used in the new earheart movie flew in today for a press release being filmed friday be on the look out



The B 17, 24 and P 51 were at KBLM about a month ago and flew up and down the coast for a few days. Are they still at CDW? If so how long?


The B 17, 24 and P 51 were at KBLM about a month ago and flew up and down the coast for a few days. Are they still at CDW? If so how long?