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Whats your favorite airport?


Found this video online, $4 billion renovation project at KLGA



Newark Liberty International Airport - Terminal A Redevelopment

The Port Authority is embarking on a major modernization and redevelopment program to position the airport to meet the needs of the 21st Century. A New Terminal A will replace the existing Terminal Building, at Newark Liberty International Airport that opened to the public in 1973 with a design capacity of 9 million annual air passengers. Terminal A served over 10 million passengers in 2015. The redevelopment program is estimated to cost $2.3 billion.

The challenges with the current terminal have proven to slow the journey for the passenger from outside of the terminal, to their gate. The vision for a new design includes four main elements. These elements include a brand new Terminal A, Airfield, Parking Garage and completely redesigned Landside and Roadway.


KFCM . Got to be a bit biased bc it is my home airport.


6P7 near Freeport/Codogan PA. About 40 miles NE of Pittsburgh.

My wife’s cousins run it.

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my favourite Airport is Jorge Chavez Lima Perù

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For a international airport, KDFW and for a regional KAGC.


I LOVE Ankara Esenboğa Airport Int’l (Ankara) (LTAC)!


My local airport KAEX