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Whats your favorite airport?


I’m kinda partial to KAVX (Catalina), personally…

This was an approach in a 172SP about 3yrs ago…

Radio chatter is included…everyone is just so darn friendly…how could you NOT love it!



Recently my favorite airport has become my local major, I have visited all the major airports but still think Newark (KEWR) is the greatest airport in the NY area. Hope to see the huge improvement coming soon, new Terminal A.


Hassi Messaoud (HME) Algeria…love flying in over the desert and landing here. During the high desert winds at this time of year, landing are always a bit ‘lumpy’…hahaha


I like the Millionaire FBO in Addison, Texas! Buildings everywhere, but great airport with the best courtesy cars in America: Mercedes, Audi, Cadillac, BMW, etc… . Only problem is they want you to refuel in exchange for the cool cars. AV-Gas 100LL goes for $5.75/gal.


At kbuf… Buffalo niagara intl…
There a raised hill behind the old flying tigers restaurant now owned by mercy flight… They allow photographers and aviation lovers to drool…picnic benches and a pa system with ground/tower/approach/departure

Your about 60-100 feet from taxiway Alpha and about 300 from 5-23… Rwy 14-32 is also in plain view…greatest place in the country… I don’t know of anywhere else that allows you to be so close…

just right of runway intersection on outside of taxiway A and C
a lot of GA activity at this airport as well as part 121 and part 135 operations
even tho this is a International Airport, there whole north side of the airport is General Aviation with Prior Aviation, and Executive Airshares


I’m a fan of kbuf as well. The customs operation is great, kudos to the controllers as well.


Love flying into Sharm El Sheikh (HESH) at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula. On a clear day, descending over the top of Mount Sinai and St Katherine Monastery, enroute to HESH, you can see Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and be over Egypt!





Having a problem downloading the IFR planes and Airport Diagram. Can you assist or should I open a ticket w/ FA Support?


2R4 and DTS/ just friendly folks who truly enjoy you visiting their neck of the woods.


No list of favourite airports is complete without mention of 7fl6. The place every pilot wished s/he could live.


My favorite airports encompass the following features :


I have been from Pittsburg to Daytona, and a lot of points in between…I am based at a little general aviation, uncontrolled airport in south eastern ky… 1A6. Middlesboro-Bell County Airport. As far as I know…it is the only city and the only airport in a meteor crater…we have about a five to seven mile “flat” formed by a meteor strike. We are surrounded by mountains … And have a little 3600 ft paved strip. We are in southeast Kentucky , where ky, tn, and va. meet. The famous Cumberland gap, where Daniel Boone came through is a couple of miles away. We have a national park, the Cumberland gap national park, AND a state park, pine mtn. State park in our little county…come visit!


Here are some more notable stops from the last couple of years.

CYGR … Magdalen Islands Quebec. Quite a long over water segment so probably suited to twin operators. FSS on the field, they will,also help with accommodation and rental cars. Marvellous views and a great area to visit. You will find no tie downs or fuel so be prepared.

CYMX … Mirabel Quebec, expensive but excellent FBO, FSS on the field one of most effective I have encountered. Mirabel was originally designed as an international gateway for Canada but was eventually abandoned to freight and industry. You are a long way from Montreal but for that big airport feeling without big airport headaches, nothing beats Mirabel.

More later.


Titusville, just for a touch and go. Use the much cooler name “Space Coast Regional Airport”

You are allowed to fly along the Space Shuttle Runway at no lower than 100 AGL.

KEYW … Key West. This airport has a bit of a rough reputation. Yes the fuel is expensive, but it is about the same as every other mainline Florida airport; the ramp fee which is waived if you buy fuel is very reasonable. The FBO has been criticized; perhaps this is justified if you are a corporate pilot forced to spend a lot of time there; but we were there to see Key West, the quicker you are through the FBO the better; I would be happier if the FBO managed the transport to downtown. Some pilots recommend going to Marathon then driving to Key West but this is bad advice, a car is a real liability in Key West.


Never been into Key West when there was not a cranking cross wind. Departed once in hard IFR and departure turned us south and apparently forgot about us. Got within 15 miles of Cuban airspace and called departure and told them I WAS turning north. Good airport but busy.


I think that I lucked in on my arrival to Key West … it was around 9:30am and not busy at all. Since the 09 approach is right over downtown, I could see an endless stream of arrivals beginning at around 11am. My departure was pretty calm as well.


I believe some of the airlines have began to fly into that airport, is this true?




They do.

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