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Just an update.

Apparent Greg, aka MeekRN, killed the lady as an act of revenge against her husband who he had met while serving on a nuclear submarine back in the early 1980’s. They had a falling out years ago and Greg was the sort of person who held onto a grudge.

What is sad is that after killing the lady and likely killing his still missing roommate he ran home to momma and was posting on other message boards as late as the day before Christmas as though nothing had happened.

In his mind I doubt he felt an ounce of remorse.

He was both smart and twisted. If I were the police I’d be looking into every patient death where he worked as an RN and he had contact with the patient. Be very glad you weren’t his friends in real life.




I’ll bet $5 that the above poster IS meekRN


I thought so too, but did a little checking. Googled his handle, turned up several other boards, some where the other posters refer to him as Greg. His is email was his name@whatever on all the boards. Also on a Navy alum site, gives full name, email, address (all matching the news reports). Would be too hard too fake for these purposes. IMHO it’s him.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Messed up.


Yeah deef - I had a hard time believing it too and did some checking myself (apparently did the same stuff you did) and all my investigative work leads me to believe “waitaminute” definitely is telling the truth. Very creepy that we had a killer in our midst.


Ya but what I have read based on the very few links…unless I missed it…where does it say this guy was a RN? I dunno…smells very strange to me. But then again…


I haven’t seen anything about him or this on Facebook, so it can’t be true.



That would be a bet you would lose.

Greg A Hawkins was MeekRN

You can look up his nursing licensing info at:


Original License Date: 6/4/2004
License Valid Until: 4/1/2013
Citizenship Status: U.S. Citizenship Verified
License Status: 9/2/2009 - ACTIVE: GOOD STANDING,
Fingerprints: YES
Fingerprints Date: 1/29/2004

You can google for meekrn and find messages where he also says he is a nurse and lives in Arizona (Arizona telephone number). The submariners website contains his name and meekrn email address and his step-brother and news reports confirm he was in the navy, served on a sub with the victim’s husband.

He had several other user names he used on online poker websites that he frequented.

The meek shall inherit the earth was his motto.

The police could have easily tracked him down but they didn’t seem to bother calling family members and asking if they had seen him. His family is the one that notified police where he was when the newspapers reported him and his roommate as missing and persons of interest in the murder.


Man, this still just freaks me out. With all the jokes we made at his expense (including myself) and as apparently unstable as he was, his victims could have been any of us. I do make the odd joke or quip sometimes, but I hope you guys all know that it’s all in fun and that I’m laughing with, not at, any of you. I guess Meek had a hard time discerning reality from fiction.


Dude was a “bubble head” (Submariner). I never met one that wasnt a little “off-balance” in my career.


Yeah, I remember you talking to him about that. You said it had to do with being underground for so long and drinking the radioactive water I think (and you’re probably right). I was in Navy ROTC in high school and we got to do a tour and spend a couple of hours in a nuclear sub as they took it out and gave us an “underwater tour” of Charleston - this was back before our naval base closed. I’m in no way claustrophobic, but I couldn’t wait to get off that thing - there is absolutely no way I could spend any amount of time cramped up on one of those under water like they do. If they were trying to get us to join, they messed up with putting us on something like that. They told us that they do alot of psychiatric evaluations prior to putting a sailor on one - and I can imagine why. crazy crazy…


No doubt…I couldnt do it. I dont care how good they say they feed you.


Yeah, I’ve been thinkin’ quite a bit how creepy it is too. But I doubt any of us would’ve been a target. His victim was well known to him and lived nearby. We’ll probably never know what set him off, but chances are his victim or her husband did something (however slight) to prompt his deed.

The fact that, for the most part, most of us remain fairly anonymous to each other. For those members who maintain more closer relationships with each other, I doubt anyone would ever travel thousands or even hundeds of miles to off someone because of a few words exchanged on the Internet. Not saying it couldn’t ever happen, but I think most of us will experience the fallout from school or workplace violence before some rogue forum member goes postal on another member.


I agree Needle, but if “waitaminute” is accurate, Meek killed the woman in retribution of an argument he had with her husband in the early 80’s - almost 30 years ago. If he was so unhinged that he couldn’t let a 30 year old argument rest, there is no telling what else he was unwilling to let slide. That’s the main part that creeps me out.


While they had a “falling out” some 30 years ago, I imagine something happened more recently between them to set Meek off like that.


Yeah, I went back and re-read it again. I think you’re closer to the truth than I am - at least I hope you are.


The man was a sociopath and as JHEM said…the gene pool is better for his self removal, although unfortunate that he has taken the life of one and maybe others.

Can we either close this thread or move on… :exclamation:


still my favorite airport :slight_smile:


Ok I have no clue how I missed all this… That dude was the reason I was banned for a week (well actually my reaction to him was the reason)

I thought he’d been banned for life. never knew he killed himself!