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Whats your favorite airport?


your an attorney you definitely make alot more money then I do lol :laughing: We sometimes get those short hops over from KMMU, mostly VFR traffic from there though… once in a while someone will make the trip in a larger aircraft and will go IFR


I’d rather be around airplanes and pilots, (most of them anyway) than clients and lawyers, (most of them anyway). One of these days when I’m back up your way I’ll PM you a day or two before and visit CDW, one of my favorite airports. Still remember my first attempt at a landing in that Yankee. Right over the office building roofs on, is it Route 23? I froze up when I saw the roof so close and my instructor said “Gimmie this thing”. The guy I rented the plane form was Frank Lee. It was bright red. This is 25 years ago when I was 21. Wonder if he and his Yankee are still around?


nope hes not around anymore, its rt 80 you overpassed when landing rwy22. ya let me know when your comming by


who deleted my Air Bound new FBO thread in Aviation News, and why?


Possibly it was viewed as unpaid advertising?


Me, self promotion is considered spam. You should have been contacted by our marketing team regarding promotion opportunities. Please let me know if you were not and if you would like to be.


yes i would like to be … please let me know i was not contacted


great info, thanks.

BTW - yoiu need to update your avitar, as EG&G /JANET no longer flys the older 737’s…they are now all 700 series.


Nope. They are 600’s


:blush: you are correct!! thatks for calling me out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Believe me, I know exactly what the “new” 737s look like. And the 1900. And the 200. And the dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. :wink:


:slight_smile: we must see each other a lot then, eh?


I see nothing!!! At least that’s what they keep telling me!


whats the best way to advertise a new FBO then?


By spending money on advertising on FlightAware.


Banner should really be displayed at flightaware.com/, not POSTED here in the forums :wink:

Otherwise, I can see a free for all in postings of ads in the forums.




We’ll anyways… that last snow storm was no joke. KCDW got about 8’ of snow airport was closed for 3 hours after reg open time on Monday. 10 hours of snow plowing :open_mouth:


got our first Phenom 100 the other day


gorgeous!!! :smiley:


Eight FEET of snow??? :open_mouth: