Whats up with this one?

N473A ⇒ United States A5CC3F [FR24] [FlightStats] [FlightAware]
Country of registration: United States
Altitude: ▲ 4700 ft | 1432 m Squawk: 1200
Speed: 163 kt | 302 km/h RSSI: -22.2 dBFS
Track: 105° (East) Last seen: now
Position: MLAT: 47.973°, -121.983° (2.2s)
Distance from Site:

Speed varies from 163 to 750kts.

Wierd Pattern on flight too


Getting wierder, seeing speeds as low as 8kts


PA28… the 750kts is clearly erroneous… I’d guess sightseeing.

Yeah, mlat-derived speeds are fairly unreliable for anything that is maneuvering.