What's up with ADS-B Statistics?

Well 4/05 is back and 4/06 has gone missing

I anyone else having an issue where your site is not in the 30 day rankings table?
I see 5 entries and none are mine.

Refresh the page and they should come back.

Just refreshed many times, still I’m not listed.
Tried another browser - same thing.

Refreshed many times

04/06 still missing its data

The “global” ranking table and the site page’s idea of your ranking are up to an hour out of sync at the moment; this is most noticeable if your ranking is changing rapidly.
Try refreshing at about 15 mins after the hour until we’ve got them back into sync again (it is OK for your site at the time of writing - 14 mins after the hour)

regeneration of older stats is currently on hold.

Thanks for working so hard to regenerate old data.

But in a very few days, that old data won’t be a part of the 7-day weighted average.

Then it becomes more of an exercise in proving your recovery processes and procedures are effective.

(Which is another way of saying again, thanks for all the hard work dredging up that data, but I’m not heartbroken that it isn’t there.)


bob k6rtm

Fully agree!

There must still be ongoing issues. I am missing a couple days this week that was there, then disappeared over the couple days.


Im still seeing backwards in time missing data - Flightaware might have to install faster FPGA based processing hardware vs processors - doing DSP on FPGA’s is about the fastest way to number crunch around or maybe tied with Nvidia GPU’s. Something is not keeping up
/Users/kevinparmenter/Desktop/Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 6.17.51 PM.png
not sure if you can see my screen shot - no way to upload a file that I can see so have a look at my missing data

maybe we should put United Airlines in charge of getting our data to do what its supposed to, they dont mess around!

Dangit I climbed all the way to #5 and now I’m at a measly 18 because two days are missing. Haha, I really don’t care that much :slight_smile: I adjusted the gain yesterday and I think I’m seeing an improvement, already at 4000 AC with two hours to go, so I should climb back up if things stay steady from here on out.

I don’t think we should put United in charge of anything! Haha…

Where are now in the processing? My hourly positions have for the most part filled back in but in the lower summary something doesn’t seem right. Sun 4/9 shows 4 positions reported but 0 aircraft seen. Normally it would be in thousands.

Please see the first post in this thread for updates.

Donw3, we’re investigating the issue you’re reporting with 4/9.

Mmmh, is the the regeneration for the 6th completed?

I have values in the daily column again, but in the hourly data, 5 hours are still empty, and one has untypically low values.

Also, I think the 6th was my best day so far with 2724 a/c, right now I am at 2,479. I mean, I’ll survive this, but only just :wink:

Today (4/20) is the last we’ll see of the stats for 4/6. It appears that the regeneration “died on the vine” so to speak. Personally, I’m missing about 1000 planes for that day.

Hopefully, FA has solved the capacity issues which necessitated the regeneration and won’t have to attempt the procedure again.

Regeneration of the 6th is still on hold because it turned out that the regeneration process was actually interfering with live stats, causing spurious site reassignments for sites that changed users between the 6th and now; that needs to get fixed before restarting the rerun.

The alternative would be to take live stats offline for at least 3-4 days (about 24 hours to regenerate the data for the 6th, then however long it would take for live stats to catch up with the 24-hour backlog - probably at least a couple of days) which isn’t something that we want to do.

Are there any lingering issues with stats collection? I noticed a whole block this morning was completely blank. I checked some users near my site and some have it filled, and some have other hours that are almost completely blank…

FYI this reoccurred on the 29th and the 1st, one hour shows close to zero collections, and then the daily total shows only a handful of reports.

I opened a ticket (#127616 ), Flightaware say they are aware and tracking via this thread although this thread doesn’t look to be particularly active other than when the issue first arose in early April.

Does Flightaware document their data collection system architecture, I’m curious what hardware/software/cloud services they rely on… ?

I noticed the same thing but decided not to post about it, figuring someone else would.

Mostly tcl and Apache Kafka on bare metal.