What's the story with this F9 A319?


What’s the story with this F9 A319 Eugene, OR to Pullman, WA? To my knowledge, there are no scheduled flights between the two, especially on Frontier!



Not sure about the flight on 9/30, but the flight on 10/7 could be Washington State’s football charter. They were in Corvallis playing Oregon State. It’s definitely not a “scheduled service” flight, with a number like 8677.


As mentioned in another post just today and several in the past, 9000 - and 8000 - series flights are usually charters, maintenance flghts, or ferry (positioning) flights.


That’s what I said, Dami!! --kinda


Thanks for the info guys! Makes sense!


Yes, WSU and University of Idaho have been using Frontier A319 charters in and out of Pullman.

In the past they have had to charter 737’s out of Spokane KGEG (~2 hour drive by bus) and return via Lewiston, ID KLWS (~45 min via bus).

The FAA and Pullman airport are not fans of larger aircraft due to taxi way and runway positioned close to each other. The A319 might fit better, not sure.

New Mexico State Univ used a 737-200 charter inbound and -400 outbound for their game against Idaho Saturday.

FYI… I have seen an old Cougar bring his 757’s in for gameday, although nobody else can taxi while they are operating.