Whats the reg for this B6 with sharklets?



Would really appreciate it! :wink:


A Haiku for you:

Into Google I
entered the following words
first sharklet jetblue

It is N821JB


Thank you. I asked on here, because I know I can get a faster reply than Google. :wink:


Took me 1 second to find it on Google.


Good luck tilting at that windmill…


Took me 1 second to find it on Google.

You will find Bizzar cant be bothered to do research on his own.


You will find Bizzar cant be bothered to do research on his own.

Maybe it is because most of the people on here will actually give a helpful answer. Everyone is to busy going on about using google, well maybe some prefer to ask here to get a more detailed result. You take the time to tell him to use google, well maybe you could use that time to give an answer that can help instead if not. If someone does not prefer google then oh well. If you don’t know the answer then don’t answer at all. Have a nice day!


I tend to find knowledge gained through my own research more rewarding.


Couldn’t agree with you more.


That is true, there is some great satisfaction with finding it. But to each his own.


If you give a man a fish, he eats today.
If you teach a man to fish, he eats forever!


Tried passing along that bit of wisdom. Fell on deaf ears…


Oh hi Jim! How you doing? Oh, wait. Let Me ask google first, it’ll probably know.


Good one! :wink:


Want my full name to mine info from the net, feel free to PM me and have at it… My “moniker” here is a good start… oh… doh… that’s right… you’d have to ask someone what that means too…

Have fun…


Nah, I’m good. Ill just ask this google thing. I’ve heard it knows everything.


Sounds like a plan. Make sure you just use common sense when you do your search. Help a lot with that there google thing… garbage in/garbage out and all that dontcha know…


Ya know, Jim. How’s about we call a truce, try to maintain a peaceful relationship. You seem like a nice guy. Maybe instead of trying to train bizarre to use google maybe if you don’t know the answer just don’t comment. That’s all.


Bizarre use of google… wow… who knew using a SEARCH engine to SEARCH for something was consider a bizarre use of a SEARCH engine…

I have learned my lesson!!! Many, many thanks!


Adios, Jimmy.