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What's the protocol for being away ?

Hi all,

I will be away for 3 weeks so my box and feed will be off - do we need to let F/A know ?


No, ideally you could keep your setup running, but if not, you will get an email after a day or two of it being offline reminding you to fix it.

yeah i’m aware of that hence asking - i will be away for 3 weeks so it most definitely will be being turned off based purely on safety !


Don’t forget to post your absence to buglers_R_Us.net.
After 30 days absence, FA will just drop your registration- when you get back you just re-register.
Under 30 days, just ignore the gentle warning that you have not been uploading.
Least said, soonest mended.

I would be a bit leery of the switch-mode wall warts that ship out of china… some of them seem to run hotter than others…

I gotta ask… “switch-mode wall wart???” eh???

nobody in their right mind would leave a pc running unattended for 3 weeks, electrical fire hazard for sure.

As for burglers - good luck, my house is like Fort Knox and my next door neighbour is a former Navy Seal with more guns than the local gun store :smiley:

Lmao! I must not be in my right mind… Paranoid much?

wow you ask for advice and you get that kind of reply, spot on son you are a credit to the forum :open_mouth:

Sorry, that’s just very odd to me. I suppose those in other parts of the world look at things differently.

I’m with you iflyabeech… wonder if fred has a dvr… it’s more than likely a linux box running 24/7… fire hazard there too?

no I don’t - I have better things to do than watch crap on tv :mrgreen:

Last time I contribute to flightaware forums if this is the normal response, all I asked was a question :unamused:

If normal response is defined as having to agree with you, then, yeah… you’re not gonna get a normal response. My apologies if I offended you.

I googled “fire started by computer” and the only incidents that came up were laptops that were left on beds or couches. I haven’t turned my pc off for many years. I think your fear of a computer fire is far fetched andnot based on reality based on real world data. But to each his own. I too am sorry if I offended you, but I do find your posts humorous!

I have a PC running 24/7 running my weather station since 2006. Only down time is from glitches and power outages.