Whats the best inline amp and pwr inserter 4 the FA antenna

I never used a inline amp and power inserter before for tracking planes. What would be a good inline amp and power inserter for the FA Antenna? I’m guessing I would also need a DC blocker. Any help of links from eBay or Amazon would be nice. Thanks for the help and info.

The best amplifier people have found to date is the HABamp - but it carries a price tag to match it’s ‘goodness’.

The box it comes in doesn’t look particularly waterproof.

That said - you can get it for less in circuit board form, maybe solder some flyleads (RG6 / WF100 / CT100) to it, and put it into a waterproof box.

Most people start with a satellite amplifier for a few dollars and put it close to the antenna.

Power injector - someone in the USA suggest one that’s easily available in the USA (sjacket99 is in PA).

DC blocker - put a meter on the Ohms setting accross the antenna connectons, if it reads infinity - you don’t need one.

Best injector from the USA anyway use this smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B005 … detailpage

I use this one with my amp and it works great. Plug and play.

What AMP are you using? Thanks.

Had this one so I tried it first:


but switched to this one as it appeared to perform better:


I also use the Perfect Vision amp with great success.

I have used the perfect vision with great success, but I am now using the more expensive HAB amp. You just can’t beat the performance and filtering of it. Personally I don’t find that price that offensive, it’s the long shipping time I hate to get to the USA. :slight_smile:

I just ordered the perfect vision amp. So we will see. If I need a DC blocker would this work ok?

Cable TV In-line Voltage Blocking Coupler amazon.com/dp/B0002ZPIN2/re … Vvb7CJ59R1

Yes that will be fine.

Don’t forget you will need:

  • an N-F adaptor to put at the base of the antenna.
  • a role of self-amalgamating tape to put around those F-connectors and amplifiers that will get rained on (there are YouTube videos showing how to use this)
  • extra F connectors for the down lead (they do come in different sizes for different cable diameters)
  • a couple of F female-female barrel connectors (useful if you tale amplifiers, power injectors out of the circuit to join the cable back up)

Ok. I have N to F adaptor. So you are saying the that DC blocker would be ok then? I would put the DC blocker right at the antenna, then put the inline amp. Then close the the USB dongle put the power inserter? I never used this stuff before. So I just want to make sure I am doing this right. Thanks.

from the top:

  • Antenna
  • N-F adaptor
  • dc blocker (if required or desired - I don’t need one, so don’t have one … though it wouldn’t harm if I did)
  • Ampilfier
  • length of downlead
  • power inserter
  • F-Male to MCX pigtail (if you have a different pigtail, use a short length of downlead to make an adaptor)
  • Dongle

That’s what I was thinking from seeing other pictures on it, but just wanted to be sure. Thanks for the help.

@PeterHR I received everything in the mail and hooked everything up. So we will see if things get better. Thanks for the help…

flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/ … tats-10178 looks good, you are getting a good range - is that the receiver with these bits on or is that the flight feeder.

I hooked everything up to Site 10889…

After I had everything hooked up and running. I turned on VRS for a few hours and my 2 different colors did get bigger on the map. Today I am going to let VRS run some more. To see anything changes. But so far this is what my setup is doing. Sorry if it’s hard to see much. To the picture with my cell phone.

Looks good, are you happy?

So far I am. I’ll have to let it go for a week or so. See if my stats go up, since adding the amp.

I realize best case usage has the amp right below the antenna, but does it totally negate the benefits if it is at the other end of the chain? I have one set-up that reaching the antenna is a little difficult, but is just long enough of a cable run that I’m sure it could use a power injector and amp.

Also, is a DC blocker necessary for the FA antenna? I thought I read somewhere that it was not, but can’t seem to find that post now.