What's a good registration # for a BBJ ???

Russian Billionaire Andrey Melnichenko BBJ - M-YBBJ
registered in the Isle of Man;
click here for registry (photos)

The Yacht of course you need your yacht.

The wife cause she kinda goes with the boat, and the plane . . .

The Owner and he sold his Global Express to pick up the Boeing . . .

I guess M-Y BBJ works. LUCKY-SOB also works well too. A self made Russian banker/business man that’s acquired 9+ billion and isn’t even 40? He must be one hell of a business man… 8)

Does no one else see the irony in the fact that he made most of his money in fertilizer? In RU?? :wink:

:laughing: No kidding… who wouldve thought you could have all that selling “crap”…

Well, if you are good at BSin’ your customer, you can do pretty well. :wink: :laughing:

The wife is hot!

How about:

3MTA3 (read it in a mirror)