Whats a good camera for aiviation photography


I am looking for a lightweight camera with high zoom and under $300 what is a good camera


All I have to use right now is my iphone camera and I am getting tired of all the grainy pictures


A good camera will have a lens attached that does 70-300 … your not going to do well with digital zooms as the tend to be grainy.
unfortunately a good combo kit for a digital SLR and a zoom lens will go 500 or more. Your 300 limit is going to be a big factor.

what you might look for is someone getting out or upgrading and find an older digital SLR with zoom lens on the used market.


Sony Nex with adapters and a manual lens



I can probably raise my budget to 500$ if I can get a better camera for that amount


bhphotovideo.com/c/used/102 … amera.html
I saw this in used dept at B&H, just a bit over your budget but I bought a HX100V 3 years ago used from craigslist for $100 just to carry around in vehicle and still use it. Plus B&H has a real good return policy. There are some similar Canons and Nikons for a lot less in that section.

Another thing to consider is how close you are to the aircraft you want to photograph, if you are trying to shoot something a couple miles up you wont be happy with the above.

I see Canon T2 and 3s on CL with the lower end small lens and the 70-300 for 500 or less a lot but you have to be careful if you dont know what to look for. Someone told me years ago if you want high quality photos you have to spend money on glass (lenses)! And its true, 6 years ago I bought the cheapest Sony DSLR I could find for about $250 and put a Tamron 70-200 2.8 on it for $750 and I still use that lens regularly, my last couple shots posted here were with that lens.

Good luck with your quest!!


Recommend the Nikon Coolpix p900. It is magic! I use for bird and bear photography.

Check YOUTUBE for p900 aviation photography. I expect you will be impressed

$500 - $600


Okay thanks the images on the p900 look realy good

Thank you


I have a Nikon D3200 and that was around 500$. It came with a kit lens which was a 18-55mm I currently shoot with a 55-200mm and that was less than 200$. I am actually looking for a 70-300mm for a good price, but with your budget you would only be able to get the camera with the kit lens. Then save up and try to get a good deal on Amazon or Ebay. There are also lots of used camera stores that sell for actually cheap prices. I would recommend doing a ton of research if your budget is tight.