what will 410 gallons in a Lancair get you?


According to another thread on another site apparently Guam to Jacksonville in 40 hours; The pilot is the builder and a retired AAL Captain.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N6ZQ … /PGUM/KJAX

too bad the end of the flight was not picked up here.


More on this amazing record breaking 39 hour flight!

news4jax.com/news/World-reco … index.html

aero-news.net/index.cfm?do=m … 8acf4d30c7


39 hours in a cockpit that size? YGBSM!


We fixed the track to be complete.

38 hours, shoot me.


The duration is still shown as UNKNOWN – is that another symptom of the > 24H flight time?


Yea… the arrival time is correct, but the duration goes to unknown if it’s >24h since it’s assumed to be an error.


Even though he didn’t expect his insurance company to cover him outside his coverage area the brain surgeons in the penthouse suite didn’t think he should have done the trip. The result is they cancelled his insurance on both of his airplanes.