What were they thinking again!?

Man pulls 737 with his hair

A group of employees from the company I work for participated in a “PLANE PULL” competition to benefit the “Special Olympics” several years ago. With 20 of us pulling on a 722, let me tell you, those things are hard to pull! I can’t imagine ONE MAN pulling a plane of similar weight WITH HIS HAIR!

I think our team came in dead last in the competition - if not, then we were definately at the bottom of the list. :blush:

I got to participate in one of the first events and our team won for the least weight on the rope. When I got on with FX, Plane Pull = OT $$

I work for a newspaper (yes, “the media”)… So we were just a bunch of wimpy journalists and I.T. guys… competing against police departments, fire departments, FedEx guys. We didn’t stand a chance :laughing:

But I got to get out on the tarmac with a 727, and just down the way was a Sudia 747! Other people from the event were milling around it, so I mosied on down the line and got to marvel at the enormity of that bird up close.

This past year we had an MD-10 out there also as a static display you could walk up into and see the upper deck cargo area, did you see that?

Could you smell it, the SV B747 :open_mouth: :open_mouth: The somebitch stinks like hell in the bellies. Up inside is not that bad…gold trimming around first and business. Their T7 is a nice looking bird as well…but the smell man I tell you…

We did the event once, about 4 to 6 years ago. No MD-11s out there that I can recall, but there were several other 727s out there.