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What to modify in cloned copy of piaware VM?

I would like to export my VirtualBox piaware virtual machine so that some friends can import it on their Windows PCs without having to build it from source. In order for them to run their own instances of piaware and claim their own piaware client ID, what piaware config files do they need to modify?

Thanks in advance.


sudo systemctl stop dump1090-fa piaware
cd /var/cache/piaware/
sudo rm feeder_id  location  location.env /etc/piaware.conf
sudo touch /etc/piaware.conf

This should do the trick.
For sd-card install you also need to delete the feeder-id from
if it is configured there.
(Best to replace the file by the default file)

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Added this so piaware-config works properly, it doesn’t like a missing config file.
(You could also remove the feeder-id or other settings by hand)

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