What to do with upcoming American Airline ticket

I have a ticket to fly American Airlines to Rome on October 3rd. What is the probability that the flight will be cancelled? How far in advanced will I know?

Is it American or a Code Share on another airline?

The flight is American Airlines to London and then British Airways to Rome
Thank you for responding

I am wondering the same thing excpet I am flying withint the US. I leave on Wednesday from Dallas and flying to Boston. Will my plane get off the ground? Good luck flying to Rome…

The issues affecting American seem not to be having any impact on international flights, you should be fine.

I don’t think this is entirely true. FlightAware’s flight tracking listed an American Airlines flight from Chicago O’Hare to London Heathrow to leave today at 0905 CDT cancelled.

I’m also very worried about this, since I am traveling to Rome on Oct 8 on an American flight from Chicago!

Actually that is an incorrect statement. While AA90 states it canceled, it looks like it did complete and the data is a little “ratty.”

My advice, if you’re concerned, change your ticket. That, of course, is fraught with all sorts of other issues…

Otherwise, do what the rest of us do… roll the dice and see what happens… don’t really get all this wringing of hands over flights… odds are, it’s going to go…