What the heck? Picture DB problems?


Looks like the photo DB may be experiencing problems. I’m see lots of garbage pictures and odd behavior. :question:


All messed up! Was looking at KSAT pics then hit back to photos and I get some from KSAV mixed in, then another time looking at “most recent” & get the “DC10” photos. lol


Can’t say for certain, but looks like it may not be good news. Wonder if the site is being hit by hackers? From some of the stuff I have seen it looks possible.


We can confirm the problem and we’re pretty sure it’s not hacking. We’ve been doing a lot of work lately to improve the performance of the site, and we suspect one of those optimizations is producing inaccurate results. I’ve got the on-call engineer looking into it.


Thanks guys…The picture DB seems to be working excellent today. Thanks again.