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What Regular Expressions are available to `match`

The documentation talks about “wildcard patterns” but I haven’t found any documentation outlining what this means, and specifically whether more powerful regular expressions are available.

I’d like to use SearchBirdseyeInFlight to get all international flights to/from Australia (all aerodrome codes start with “Y”), and my thinking is that I want to use two queries: {match orig Y*}{match dest [^Y]*} for outbound flights and {match orig [^Y]*}{match dest Y*} for inbound flights.

Any advice?

Oh never mind, I just discovered notmatch :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hmmm, sometimes the origin does not contain the aerodrome code, but rather the coordinates of the first detection, in which case my match will not pick up that flight if it is outbound.

…and there is an issue where U.S. aerodromes do not have “K” prepended, so “Y19” matches my search when it really shouldn’t because it should be recorded as “KY19”.


Could you give an example of a query that this is happening for and what you are getting as a response back?

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