What Port, if any, does Piaware send out UDP messages?


My application I am developing ingest UDP from the network. What port does PA send out UDP on?


PiAware uses UDP for mlat communication, but that’s not generally useful for anything else. What’s the application you’re developing, what data does it expect to ingest?

Is there any setting of VRS’s Rebroadcast Server to make output connection in UDP instead of TCP?

If yes, then it can receive data from dump1090-fa on RPi, and make it available to OP’s whatever app he is trying to feed on UDP


ModeSMixer2_Windows_ v.20190413


Download Page: https://github.com/abcd567a/mm2/releases/tag/v1

Download this one: modesmixer2_windows_20190413.zip


The authour of ModeSMixer (Sergsero)'s Web page xdeco.org and Google drive both are down since beginning of April this year. I have earlier saved Linux & Windows binaries from Sergsero’s Google drive on my Desktop computer. After these became unavailable due to Sergsero’s sites down, I have temporarily uploaded these binaries to my Github site, so that these are available till Sergsero’s sites are restored.




I have a mobile PC app 3D display that I use for displaying various data. I have formats like AIS and GPS I can display live. Would like to add ADS-B. AIS data for example, comes into my AIS base station receiver. I take the Ethernet UDP output which is broadcast through a switch and into my laptop. I wrote the parser (dll) to read the data and display messages coming in. For ADS-B I would need the raw format.

Read TCP from 30005 or TCP from 30002.
Or if you don’t want write your own decoder, just regularly http GET /skyaware/data/aircraft.json
(not sure the exact URL … check what the browser gets when looking at your local interface).

The UDP is sent by the mlat-client but it’s restricted to what the server requests and it will only send to the server, you can’t change that.

Does MLAT provide the same information in UDP as TCP(not desired)? I do not want to connect my system to the internet for retrieving JSON. Want to take the data right off Raspberry into my laptop for display. Ex: If I am at the cabin with no internet, I want to see data coming out of the PA.

I just said the UDP is not somethign you can control and it’s not the right data.
So why are you asking about exactly what i said?

Well read the source code of piaware if you want exactly that data.
There is no configuration option to send data anywhere but to FA.

http GET can be done over a local network just fine, no need for internet.
With the IP being the local receiver. Again check the local webinterface and see in the browser which json it’s loading every second.

I’m not sure what exactly you’re asking for but i’m certain it’s not available. Use one of the options listed.


You don’t need internet connectivity for TCP port 30005 data or for retrieving aircraft.json. If you can receive UDP, you already have the necessary connectivity.

To be clear, the PiAware feeder software is not the source of the raw data; dump1090 is. The PiAware feeder then consumes that data.

The port 30005 TCP Beast format is the de-facto standard for raw ADS-B data exchange. That’s definitely what you want to use.

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