What is wrong with Resources Page?

When I attempt to access the Resources page to get Approach plates at any particular airport, it says “Unable to Display Registration Information”.

Is the FA moderator aware of this?


Please provide links (or at least airport codes) when reporting an error.

Airport resource pages and plates are working fine for me.


I tried it for KYKM and got this message.

It’s a bad hyperlink. I think I mentioned this a few weeks ago.
It only does it from the ‘resources’ page. The field in the left frame works fine.

From flightaware.com/resources/airport/KYKM which loads fine. From there clicking on approach plate name takes me to the preview of that plate, with the link to download the PDF.

Mark, click on the resources tab in the left frame. Then put any airport code in the “Airport Information” field and hit enter or click the button. It always brings up the error message, the “airport information” button has bad code, it thinks the airport code is an aircraft registration.

Thanks James.