What is unique about your receiver's location?


Without giving out too much information about your exact location, what makes your location unique?
i will start.
My receiver’s location ( which I call CenTex= Central Texas) is approximately equidistant from Dallas Forth Worth To San Antonio, Houston to Abilene. There is a few routes that I see flight patterns for. Mainly from Florida to California, DFW to Mexico. Having fort Hood close by, I do see decent amount of military traffic.


I am right under the East Coast traffic - New York to Florida for example.
What is curious is that the traffic over the ocean is very limited. Initially I assumed that there are obstacles in the way (there are some tall trees).
But looking on the actual FA website you can see that there are no flights (or very few, to Puerto Rico) in that area. Probably is reserved to military purpose, due to at least three major military airports in the area. Not all the military flights will have the ADS-B turned on.
I am using ModeSMixer2 for my map display just because I like to see the range pattern.



because the nearest airway Sbound<>Nbound is about 200nm east of your location
and also there is a restricted airspace between you and the airways. even FR24 shows very few.
your …neighbors at Langley (cia) can tell you all about it :wink:



That’s a different Langley: Air Force Base