What is this flight track about?



Anyone seen this before or have a guess as to what’s going on?

P.S. In case it changes, right now it is showing a Piper Cheyenne coming from England to Idaho and in the place of speed and altitude, it says “estimated.” Also flight track shows just a zig zag over a good chunk of Idaho.



discussions.flightaware.com/view … hp?t=11700


I suspect they went to a different IDA.


Thanks for the link. Makes a little more sense now :wink:


Been watching N30SJ recently and noted it zig-zags and does some tight turns going up to San Angelo? tracking error?
Today flightaware.com/live/flight/N30S … /KSAT/KSJT

Aug 3 flightaware.com/live/flight/N30S … /KSAT/KSJT


Interesting path as it sure doesn’t match what was filed.


Sorta a topic for the flight planning forum but related to this flight…

I tried putting the flight plan into the FA flight planner to compare what was filed to what was flown. No filed track line in above graphics???

It only came back with the GPS direct option and no suggested routes.

Fltplan.com gave me the filed route in the above flight as a suggested route.

Any reason why the FA flight planner not coming up with the suggested route?

Suggested routes did work for MBO to MEI so I don’t think I did anything wrong :open_mouth:


I don’t see any error here. I suspect they were doing some maneuvering.


The flight plan waypoints are never displayed for old flights on the website.

We don’t consider the route to be valid for flightplanning since it doesn’t specify where you leave V68.


Gotchya on both points as when I manually put the route in fltplan, the computer said exactly what you said, with regards to leaving V68. My shortcut was to use a previously flown route and it was accepted. Why the difference, dunno.

I could have sworn in the past that flights had waypoints in the route (no track line, never noticed that missing until now)?

I take it then the route field will be of no value for historical flights when comparing what was flown to what was actually flown?


Anyone consider that maybe the flight should have shown KGCC/Gillette, WY? Makes a little more sense.