What is the most flown route in the US?


What are some of the most popular routes in the US (excluding LAX-SFO). And what is the longest flight in the 48 states?





ORD-LGA has 3 airlines flying nearly hourly flights all day long.

Also, LGA-BOS has a similar schedule, but with 2 airlines, and a few additional flights from AA

LAX-LAS has a lot of airlines, but only one is offering much frequency (Southwest).


Going to the source for the latest full year data (2010), the routes with the most scheduled airline flight performed are:

SFO LAX 29915
OGG HNL 27010
ORD LGA 24575
SAN LAX 23505
LAX JFK 22375
LIH HNL 21579
LAX LAS 21393
SEA PDX 21295
LGA BOS 21261

These are airport/airport routes; the figures will change if you include metropolitan area airports (e.g. LAX/SNA/LGB/BUR/ONT or JFK/LGA/EWR).

The number of cargo flights would slight change the rankings but all airport pairs shown would still have over 20,000 flights each.


One could use the total number of passengers as another metric. It would be interesting to see those numbers as well.
For example just about every, if not all, the SAN-LAX flights are regional jets/turbo props.


Didn’t have time yesterday to do the pax figures. Here they are

LAX/SFO: 3,096,637
JFK/LAX: 3,022,678
ATL/MCO: 2,635,467
LGA/ORD: 2,482,277
ATL/FLL: 2,289,264
ATL/LGA: 2,200,912
LAX/ORD: 2,200,140
ATL/DFW: 2,078,341
JFK/SFO: 2,014,589