What is the frequency an aircraft transmits ADS-B data?

Not the carrier frequency but how often is the data transmitted from the aircraft?

I’m trying to make some sense of the “Reports Received” statistic.


Most of it’s Greek to me, but here’s some light reading to get you started: http://www.ads-b.com/PDF/UAT%20SARP.pdf

Looks like around twice a second?

Yes, ADS-B position messages average twice a second while in the air (there is pseuorandom jitter, but it averages out). It’s different on the ground.

Other ADS-B message types (velocity, identity, etc) have different intervals.

Non-ADS-B Mode S is usually driven by secondary radar, so there’s nothing much you can say about what the rate there is.

None of these are the number reported by FA’s “reports” number - the reports number is literally, how many times did piaware send an aircraft report. The reports do not happen on every message.

Excellent, thanks everyone.