what is a round trip airfare?

What is a round trip airfare? I just need to know this for a school summer project. (math) Thanks for your reply! p:(

A round trip airfare includes both the ticket going there and the ticket going back. For example, Dave is going on vacation. He buys a ticket from Detroit to Miami for July 4, and at the same time included in the same price, it also includes a ticket from Miami back to Detroit a week later once he is done with his trip. That is round trip.

If it is one-way, there is no return ticket.

so then how will he go back home :question:

Believe it or not, there are people who purchase one-way tickets because they are moving to a new location. There are also people who fly one way and drive back/take the train/whatever back home.

I’ve bought several one way tickets in my life for the above reasons.

I’m sorry if anyone is offended but just what the hell are they teaching in schools today? Is it so bad that someone needs to be told what a “roundtrip ticket” is? Can’t they figure it out by the term “roundtrip?” Don’t they have dictionaries that have these definitions?

I can understand it if it was an airline industry term like “open jaw ticket.” but something that is not industry specific like roundtrip?

An “open jaw ticket” is a ticket where you fly to one destination and return from another city. An example would be a flight from Oakland to Spokane on the outbound trip and Seattle to Oakland on the return trip. The passenger goes from Spokane to Seattle via train, car, etc.

AmericanAirDude, what is your age, location, etc… I just ask because the nature of your post suggest someone young and curious, if inexperienced. Just curious

Its pretty sad we cant figure out what a round trip is.

If you need to know information, there are a lot of places you can look this stuff up online. I would recommend google, and posting here as a last resort if you cannot find information. There are a lot more sources with a vast amount of information that are much better than this forum that you can look up yourself with a little initiative on your part.

Not only that, but with your (AAdude) fascination with American Airlines (based on past posts) I would suggest going to their website and “goofing off” a little. You could have easily figured out what a round trip vs. one-way ticket is there.

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Yes, however basic transportation terms take a trip to google, typing in the term, and getting many, many (551,000 for “Round Trip Ticket”) pages with information on what you need.

It may be humorous, however posting here may not be the best option for this guy looking to learn basic information about the industry.

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