What happened to the language of my stats page?

Is this Swedish?

Data Feed: Live - mindre än en minut sedan
Feeder Check-in: Live - mindre än en minut sedan

I think something got mixed up here, because I can not remember changing anything recently.



Sure is Swedish. They’ve bought the company! RUN! :laughing:

Seriously though, try going to https://flightaware.com/account/manage and see section 5, maybe it changed there.

Thanks! It was indeed set to Swedish.

No idea, why it switched to Swedish by itself… :laughing:


Is it still displaying in Swedish for you? You may click the American flag icon at the top of the screen to revert back to English. Also next to the flag icon you will find the language drop down menu.

Everything is fine now. Actually, I have never noticed the language scroll bar at the top of the page. :blush:

When I think of it now, maybe I changed it by accident, by scrolling a bit wildly. Also my Firefox is a bit lagging lately, so maybe things got mixed up by a combination of that. That would make sense to me now. :bulb:

Thanks for the information!