What happened to N695QS?

Well…I follow this aircraft everywhere on every flight and now it has been in Greensboro for 2 weeks now. What’s the big deal?


It was flying to MQI when it was diverted to GSO. Perhaps a mechanical problem that required it to be down for a while?

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary on the flight data.

…other than diverting from the original destination.

What I was saying the ALT/SPD data BELOW the flight map

You didn’t mention that in your original posting.

The speed/altitude tends to confirm my original posting.

It could’ve moved using netjets callsogn.

This is 7th/July and I am trying to track a sunwing flight 258 leaving pearson, this evening…the only information I receive from flight aware is for three days AGO…anyone know how to update the system…

I checked that - EJA695 shows the same information as N695QS.