What happened to my alerts?


Why am I no longer getting email alerts? My account is set up for them and they were working fine until recently.


Which alert did you expect to receive?

Your last email alert was sent on the 6th.

Your first alert is for aircraft we haven’t seen flying IFR since the 6th.
Your second alert is for an aircraft we’ve never seen an IFR flight for.
Your third alert is also for an aircraft we haven’t see any IFR flights for since the 6th.
Your fourth alert is disabled.
Your fifth alert wasn’t created until after the aircraft flew today.


The 5th alert was established today to replace an identical pre-existing alert. The only difference is the original alert was listed as “n2223r” and the new alert is “N2223R”. Since the aircraft flew IFR today and I did not receive an alert, I thought maybe the problem was with capitalization of the letters in the N number, so I deleted the original and replaced it. But wouldn’t the system recognize “n2223r”?



There should be JavaScript on the front end to validate the ident and convert it to upper case, but if you get past it (browser issue, js disabled, cosmic rays) and get a lower case ident in the system it won’t trigger any alerts.

So you should be set now.