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What gain seems best?

My slightly drug added brain is strugging to work out the optimal…

4rd December - Gain at 14
4th December - Gain at 15
5th December - Gain at 13

I’ve compared the figures with the MTG site as I know that setup hasn’t changed and it’s relatively close.

Actual stats page here.

Gain 13

Gain 14

Gain 15

I’m running at 13 today and have added -t 600

Which one looks best?


Hopefully this works. 15 seems to give you better RSSI out far as expected. But 13 seems to fill the left side of the graph better, again, as expected.

Same with this view

“better RSSI”
Not sure that necessarily means anything.

I’d adjust to match the light blue line on this graph:

Having the weakest signals stronger gives not benefit in my experience.


I think 13 seems to pull stuff in from further away. If you look at the stats, the highest number of aircraft at 250+ nm is when it’s set to 13.

Most likely doesn’t matter at all. (not unlikely any difference was weather related)

I’d go with 13 or 14.

The link you posted is not working.

Apologies, I’ve corrected it and it’s here as well.