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What flight level LHR to FRA

As a former PPL-A Pilot I enjoy trips with the pros … In Dec I travelled from LHR to FRA. Gazing out of the window, it seemed to me as if we were at FL 100 to max 150 all the way. Not sure if our 1h delay played into all this, but flight time was below 1h net (500kts+ :mrgreen: ). Just wondering why we were flying so low. Any comments on an apparently low FL? :question:

Do you recall the flight number? I can look up the flight and see what the flight level was. My guess would be that it would not have been so low as that typically would cost much more in fuel then getting to the higher altitudes.

It was LH915 on Dec 19. Judging from the profiles of corresponding flights, the max FL is often reached for only 15 min while in the last 25min it is indeed <FL200 :open_mouth:

Looks like a very short flight. I doubt it would have time to get up much higher before decent.

From the 4 or so flights that I looked up, it appears they all made it up to FL330, FL370, and FL390. Albeit for not very long.