What Flight Attendants Hate...

7 Ways to Annoy a Flight Attendant

those are the same things that annoy the “good” passengers as well!

i second that

Lets not forget the other things…

  1. Ignoring the safety demo
  2. Answering “yes” before we ask you about sitting in the exit row.
  3. Continuing to talk on the cell phone after we asked you repeatedly to turn it off.
  4. Joking how small our airplane is… (grr)
  5. Asking whats for dinner… (Same as your last flight, nothing)
  6. Sitting in the bulkhead area and keeping your bags in front of you.
  7. Getting up to use the lav when we are in the middle of service. (single aisle)
  8. Asking us while inflight: “Where are we?”
  9. Calling male flight attendants: Stewards…
  10. My personal favorite… Pax popping their head into the cockpit to say hello to the pilots but ignoring your friendly flight attendant…
    (Last time I checked, we controlled the booze box!) lol :open_mouth:

i’m new here, so… hi :slight_smile:

previously due to work reason, i use commercial air services 3~4 times a week. With my busy schedule, i do get sleepy when i sit stationary and it didn’t matter where I was… plane? bus? rocky taxi makes no difference… The plane i took during those flight are the same one… meeting the same group of people day-in and day-out… and I sometime arrive so late I maybe shout at by the airport staff… I do request to be seat on the emergency aisle all the time… and ignore the safety demonstration whenever i can… waking up just in time to ask for refreshment, wake up again with the rubbish in my hand ready to be collected, and wake up again when everyone is out of the plane… I couldn’t hear much as I plug my ears with ear muffs… although I do remember to smile to the staff entering and existing the aircraft… I’m sorry if I look less interesting at your work… we all had our hard days…

Luckily, I quit that job… now when I board planes I will promise to look more interestingly at you and pay attention to your demonstration and services… :slight_smile:

I think I sat next to you a few times! LOL :laughing:

7 things Flight Attendants do that annoy passengers

  1. Low seniority numbers, you know who you are and how you behave

  2. Not working, but sitting and reading magazines and talking trash about your employer in the rear galley

  3. Not enforcing the rules equally.

  4. Flying non-rev and holding up the departure loading your luggage

  5. Being surly. Look, you don’t like the job? There are plenty of opportunities in the service industry for people with your skills.

  6. ‘Exercising your power by threatening people with arrest’ for needing to go to the bathroom or taking a picture.

  7. Ignoring people trying to get your attention. Look you know you saw them, they know you saw them.

I’ve seen some nasty things happened on the plane…

including flight attendant placing “sleeping no meal” sticker on passengers that has not request the sticker…

ignoring requests for essentials…

careless when collecting dishes, used meals… cans… etc. spilling wine and throwing food to the trash like its basketball…

some airline i wouldn’t fly with them if i could avoid them altogether… you know who you are! :imp:

wahaha~ you like the emergency seats too? … not to escape ofcourse… just for the extra leg rooms… lol at least that’s the appeal to me… :laughing: