What fees are involved in using an airport?

What are typical landing fees for GA aircraft? Is there a higher fee for a jet? Does it depend solely upon the weight of the aircraft? If so, is this take-off weight or what?

Small airports are usually free.
Generally, the larger (busier) the airport, the more expensive the fees. And I mean FEES. Landing Fee, handling fee, service fee, ramp fee, security fee, overnight fee. That’s on TOP of any services you get, Fuel, Lav, catering, hangar, wash, yadda…
Yes, most times it is loosly based on aircraft weights. Sometimes it’s divided up by single engine, multi engine, or single piston, twin piston, turbine, jet.
If it is by weight it is the maximum weights for that aircraft type, they don’t weigh the airplanes to figure out how much to charge them! :slight_smile:

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The landing fees and other costs of doing business do not bother this crowd one bit. Time is money!

time is money, caldwell fees include landing fee and ramp fees depends on which FBO you taxi to

Maybe, but most pilots think they should be paid for such activities. 8) (Except James of course; he’s very level-headed)

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